Sunday, September 27, 2009

In 4 years of night school earning my law degree, I never believed that I would actually practice law, nor did I have the interest to do so. Yet, this freelancing thing made me stumble upon the fact that, well, lawyers get paid. And, we get paid well. So, yes, I sold out! I did it for the money, but I have continued to bid on legal projects because its actually really fun. Writing contracts fun? really? I know it sound strange, but I am enjoying doing this stuff. I like working on the internet in my pajamas, while watching satellite tv. It rocks! I even set my skype account so my Miami number comes up on caller ID. I'm like virtually in America. Life is good.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life as a Freelancer...

About a year ago, my sister sent an email around about 2 websites, both of which have had a significant impact on my life. The first one is, a money managing site that is free and has streamlined a very complex banking process I have going on. The other is, a site that help connects freelancers to employers. I registered for guru, created a profile, sent out a few proposals and got nothing. Then I decided to upgrade my membership, paid like 80 bucks, and still no luck. I also created a free profile on elance. After a few months, I gave up. Then all of the sudden, I got invited to work on a project on elance and bid on a project on guru and got them both. That started the ball rolling and in the past 2 weeks I have done 5 projects and pocketed $500. I've done legal work, travel writing, curriculum design, and some other cool stuff. I wrote 8 articles for a travel Australia website, which was fun and actually enjoyed writing some contracts. I am having fun and making extra cash. Who knows, maybe someday I won't have to get dressed and get to work! Freelancing rocks!